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Dr. Natasha Stollmack Studio Policy 2024-25

T: (631)-759-0754


Contact hours Mon-Fri between 9AM-3PM; call, text, or e-mail




How much time?

Recommended practice time will vary for each student depending on their age and level of experience. A personalized and sensible recommendation will be made by the instructor during their lesson time, and will increase as the instructor sees fit. An ideal practice schedule is centered around daily interaction with the instrument, rather than one or two days of cramming before the next lesson. Consistent practice time is crucial to guaranteed progress and success in music study!


Lesson notes

A detailed report of each lesson and assignments for upcoming week will be recorded in the student's binder or lesson notebook (or sent via e-mail for remote students). While independence is encouraged, students (especially beginners) are much more successful with the help of active parent involvement. Please make a point to review your student’s notebook weekly and monitor their practicing when possible. Students are expected to complete all written and performance assignments to the best of their ability each week. Consistent disregard for lesson notes will result in mandatory parent/guardian signatures, and in severe cases may lead to expulsion from the studio.



Students must bring all required materials to each lesson. All necessary materials will be communicated by the instructor with accompanying links and/or music stores to explore purchase options. All editions must be strictly adhered to. Students must also have access to a physical or digital metronome to use at home for practicing. Physical metronomes may be found online at Amazon or at a local music store for a modest price. The recommended free app for phones and other devices is ProMetronome, available in both the App Store and Google Play. Dr. Stollmack will provide a brief tutorial for using the metronome during lesson time.


The following materials are required to be present at each lesson:

-Studio binder (contains original lesson material by Dr. Stollmack)

-Pencil with eraser

-All current scores, technique, and theory books


Attendance/Make-Up Policies


Equally as important as keeping a consistent practice schedule is regular attendance at weekly lessons. Students are expected to be on time for their appointment, as the instructor has a full schedule and cannot go overtime for lateness. The last several minutes of lesson time is used for discussion and to address any questions the student and/or parent may have. Weekly automated reminders are sent out via email 24 hrs in advance of the lesson.



If you need to cancel a lesson, please contact the instructor at least 24 hours before your appointment via e-mail in order to avoid incurring charges. Cancellations made within 24 hours of the scheduled lesson will be charged the full lesson fee without the option of a make-up. Medical and family emergencies with documentation are exempt from this provision. Remote lessons are always available on a temporary basis if the student is ill but well enough to participate.


Please do not attend your in-person lesson while sick!

Make-Up Lessons

Each lesson is a scheduled appointment and shall be treated as such. Make-ups will only be considered for lessons canceled more than 24 hours in advance or in emergency scenarios on a case by case basis. Lessons canceled or missed beyond the 24 hour point will not be eligible for make-up.


Make-ups must be requested via email within 2 weeks of the original missed lesson, otherwise the lesson credit will be forfeited. If these criteria are met, each student is guaranteed a maximum of 2 make-up lessons per session. Additional make-up lessons are not guaranteed and will be accommodated if the instructor is able. You may also request to be placed on a short-notice waitlist in the event of an unexpected cancellation by another client.


Please refer to the current studio calendar for the official makeup dates for that session. All make-up lesson credits must be fulfilled within the same term and will not be carried over into a future term.


The instructor follows most holidays observed by the NYC public school calendar (see current studio calendar). Additional holiday observances will be honored upon request, please communicate to the instructor via email ASAP. Students are expected to continue lessons during the summer, as a 3-month hiatus severely hinders progress. Scheduling is more flexible during July and August, as well as late December into early January to accommodate travel plans.

Illness/Inclement Weather

In the event of illness or severe inclement weather deeming travel unsafe for the instructor and/or clients, all lessons will be held remotely. The instructor will notify clients as soon as possible of such a determination. Students will be expected to attend this lesson and no in-person make-up substitutions will be granted.


Tuition is calculated by guaranteed lessons per calendar year and collected on a monthly proactive schedule, due by the first of each month. Payment plans are also available on biannual and annual schedules if preferred. All-inclusive pricing includes lesson tuition and an annual materials/recital participation fee. Invoices will be sent a week prior to the due date. Please see the current studio calendar to determine the lesson schedule for each day of the week. The studio terms are as follows:

Fall Session: September-December

Spring Session: January-June

Summer Session: July-August

Under no circumstances will lessons be given without payment, and all payment is non-refundable.

Payment is accepted through Zelle (Chase QuickPay), cash, or check to Dr. Natasha Stollmack. Please contact the instructor if you wish to switch payment methods during the course of the contract. All clients who re-enroll after terminating lessons will be subject to any new registration tuition increases. Late payments will result in a late fee of 5% of the monthly balance due, and will lead to expulsion from the studio if continuous. Please note students who terminate lessons and re-enroll in a future term cannot be guaranteed their original lesson time, and will be subject to any new registration tuition increases. In light of increasing costs of resources, technology, and ongoing improvements to ensure a conducive learning environment, scheduled tuition increases are implemented annually and remain in effect through the following year.

Remote Instruction

For the safety and convenience of clients, remote instruction is available via Duet Partner, a platform optimized for virtual music lessons (no account is required). Weekly assignments and notes will be sent via e-mail. Clients are responsible for making sure the device is sufficiently charged for the duration of the lesson and to minimize background noise as much as possible. Remote instruction is also available on a temporary basis to mildly ill students who are well enough to attend an online lesson, as well as in the case of inclement weather.

Media Release Clause

Periodically, photo and video content will be collected and used to promote the studio and encourage current and future students. All students featured on the studio website, social media pages, emails, or publications have submitted media release forms with parental consent. 


If circumstances should change for the client before the end of the agreement period, written communication of termination of lessons must be submitted via e-mail no less than 30 days before the last scheduled lesson. Failure to comply with this term will be considered a breach of contract and result in a fee of $500 per student. The instructor reserves the right to terminate lessons at any time. 



Upon registering and paying tuition, I am agreeing to the aforementioned policies for the 2024-25 season.

This policy is subject to change at the discretion of the instructor at any time.

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